Marc Weiss, Switzerland (Chair)

Marc Weiss has been contributing to the YFU community in different roles for the past 15 years. After his exchange year in New Zealand (1998) he became involved with YFU as a volunteer supporting host families, exchange students and especially other volunteers. Marc has become a dedicated and very capable trainer on a national and international level. He also played a leading role in the development of YFU Czech Republic. Trained as an environmental scientist, Marc combines his work for the YFU community with his work in the forestry department of Winterthur (Switzerland) where he is responsible for issues related to recreational use of forest areas and nature conservation. He is always surprised how much the YFU work can profit from knowledge gained in his everyday work and vice versa. In 2012 Marc was elected Member of the Board of EEE-YFU, becoming Chair of the Board at the European Conference in 2013.

Contact person for: YFU Austria, YFU Switzerland, YFU Finland, YFU Ukraine




   Ieva Dirvonskaite, Lithuania  (Vice Chair)

Ever since her exchange year in the USA in 1998/99 Ieva Dirvonskaite has been an active volunteer of YFU Lithuania. She has been involved in various activities coordinated by EEE-YFU, firtly as a participant and as a trainer later on, and both in a national and international level. She has also been acting as a National Director (on a volunteer basis) and sitting on the Board of YFU Lithuania at different times. Even though studies led her from Vilnius to Copenhagen, where she was living for nearly 4 years, her carrier brought her back to Vilnius, where she has been working for Ernst & Young for several years now. Ieva was elected member of the Board of EEE-YFU in 2010, becoming Vice-Chair in 2011.

Contact person for: YFU Lithuania, YFU Kazakhstan, YFU Latvia, YFU Czech Republic




  Andre Haberzeth, Germany

Andre Haberzeth has been working as staff for YFU Germany since 2002. There he gained insight into different areas of YFU. From 2002 until 2004 he was Assistant to the National Director of YFU Germany and Public Relations Manager. From 2004 until 2009 and in 2011 he was responsible for the logistics of the Young European Seminar (YES), a seminar with more than 400 exchange students from more than 20 European countries. Since 2007 he has also been responsible for the development of new partner organizations. In that position he supported above others the setting up of European organizations in Azerbaijan, Serbia and Slovakia. Additionally he is responsible for the growth initiative of YFU Germany. Since 2011 Andre is Assistant Director of the department Cooperation & Development at YFU Germany. In 2012 he was elected member of the Board of EEE-YFU.

Contact person for: YFU Serbia, YFU Slovakia, YFU Azerbaijan, YFU Belarus, YFU the Netherlands




 Véronique Brasquet, France

Véronique Brasquet has been volunteering for YFU France since 2009. Her volunteer commitment with YFU on the local and regional level has been very strong. She has been involved in national training sessions as well as taken an active part in the ongoing process of reflection on quality improvement, training policy and strategic objectives within the organisation. She identifies with YFU vision and believes in the long-lasting impact of exchange experiences. In 2012, Véronique was elected member of the Board of EEE-YFU. Concerning her professional life, she is an experienced high school English teacher.

Contact person for: YFU France, YFU Poland, YFU Hungary, YFU Belgium (Wallonia)





Sara Brandt, Denmark

Sara Brandt has volunteered with YFU Denmark since she returned from her exchange to the United States in 2002/2003. She has been a central actor in EEE-YFU's Pool of Representatives (PoR) as a member of the Core Group, being involved in mentoring other member of the PoR and facilitating experience sharing and trainings. She has also shown her commitment and insight by co-authoring the Volunteer's Guide to European Representation. Concerning her implication and engagement with YFU Denmark, she has coordinated trainings, conducted interviews and been involved in advocacy and representation tasks. In March 2013, Sara was elected member of the Board of EEE-YFU. Nowadays, she works for Amnesty International's Human Rights Education Centre.

Contact person for: YFU Denmark, YFU Turkey, YFU Sweden, YFU Estonia





Liviu Grigorescu , Romania

Liviu Grigorescu has been a very valuable resource for YFU Romania since he returned from his exchange to Germany during the academic year 1995/1996. He has been long-term involved within the organisation contributing as a volunteer, trainer and board member. From 2009 Liviu is Vice-President of YFU Romania. Regarding his commitment and implication with the organisation, he has helped to develop and promote YFU exchange programs especially in the private sector. In March 2013, Liviu was elected member of the Board of EEE-YFU. Apart from his work for the YFU European community, Liviu has a 10-year long professional experience as a senior consultant in the business sector.

Contact person for: YFU Romania, YFU Greece, YFU Moldova, YFU Russia, YFU Bulgaria


  Veronika Kissiova, Czech Republic

Veronika Kissiova started to volunteer for YFU after her exchange in Switzerland in 2006/2007. Through her multiple stays abroad, she had a chance to get to know different YFU organisations and their ways of work. Veronika was especially interested in field of educational activities and from 2010 she was a member of the Educational Approach Taskforce. Over the last years, she participated in several YFU Academy and EEE-YFU trainings as participant,but also as a trainer. In 2013 Veronika conducted an internship at EEE-YFU office where she gained insight into the field of advocacy and representation and she continues her to volunteer for EEE-YFU as EEE-YFU representative towards the European Youth Forum and member of the European Trainer Network.

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