EEE-YFU Activities

During and after the exchange experience, EEE-YFU is committed to providing on-going education in cross-cultural issues to its students, returnees and volunteers. Therefore we organize activities such as study sessions and seminars on various cultural and youth-related issues both nationally and on a European level.

The strategy for EEE-YFU's educational activities are specified in the Gothenburg Educational Strategy.

Please click on the links on titles below to find out more about specific activities that we are currently offering or have recently organised.

EEE-YFU 2010-2011-2012-2013 Activity Calendar

  9-11 May 2014

European Youth Event - EYE

Strasbourg, France 

 9 -16 March 2014Training Course "Transformers in Actions"
Budapest, Hungary
 24 February-2 March 2014Training Course "Step Up!"
Adrasan, Antalya, Turkey
 20-27 October 2013 Training Course "F!RST"
Tallin, Estonia
 28 June-2 July 2013Young Europeans' Seminar
Werbellinsee, Germany

27 June-3 July 2013

Training Course for Workshop Leaders
Werbellinsee, Germany

12-19 May 2013

Approaching Education Seminar
Prague, Czech Republic
20-25 November 2012Diversity and Intercultural Learning: A seminar on Managing Host Families 
Helsinki, Finland
29 June-3 July 2012
YES 2012 
Werbellinsee, Germany
26 June-4 July 2012
Training for Workshop Leaders in European Citizenship and Youth Participation
Werbellinsee, Germany
23-29 March 2012
Get Ready! 
Stockholm, Sweden
10-17 January 2012
Do You Speak Trainish?  
Wisen, Switzerland
22-28 November 2011
Seminar on Promoting Central and Eastern European Destinations
Cluj Napoca, Romania
23-30 October 2011
Study Session 2011 - Social Networking: A New Paradigm for Intercultural Learning and Social Inclusion
Budapest, Hungary
23-24 September 2011
Pool of Representatives Core Group meeting
Mollina, Spain
18-22 September 2011
Volunteer Co-ordinators' Meeting
Mollina, Spain
1-5 July 2011
YES 2011
Werbellinsee, Germany
10-17 April 2011
Training Course for Leaders of On-Arrival Orientation
Chisinau, Moldova
9-13 March 2011
Open Networking and Synergy Meeting
Budapest, Hungary
13-20 February 2011 Reaching for diversity: the search for volunteers
Antalya, Turkey
15-19 December 2010
Linking national and European democratic participation
Brussels, Belgium
10-12 December 2010
EEE-YFU Board Meeting
Brussels, Belgium
29-31 October 2010 European Conference and EEE-YFU General Meeting
Tallinn, Estonia
17-24 October 2010 Study Session 2010: Understanding Intercultural Competence: for youth and exchanges
Strasbourg, France
17-19 September 2010
EEE-YFU Board Meeting
12-19 September 2010 MAP volunteering values: Motivation, Action, Participation!
Mollina, Spain


Past Activities




 MAP Seminar: Motivation, Action, Participation



Young Europeans' Seminar (YES) 2010

YES 2010


Study Session 2010 - Understanding Intercultural Competence: for Youth and Exchanges



Training for Leaders of Post-Exchange Seminars

YFU France


The Volunteer's Guide to European Representation

Y&S Logo


 Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility Project

IPM Logo



European Conference

Hands EConf



European Voluntary Service (EVS)





Bridging the Gap     

Bridging the Gap


Study Session 2009 - Youth Against Gender Discrimination & Homophobia




Young Europeans' Seminar (YES)

YES 2009


International Responsibility Seminar (IRS)



Training of Trainers



European Volunteer Meeting




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