Pool of Representatives

To represent the voice of its members at a European and international level, EEE-YFU has a Pool of Representatives (PoR). Its role is to represent EEE-YFU in different structures, institutions and meetings on European or international level. The pool is made up of 26 people from across Europe, all of whom are members of their national YFU organisations and are interested or experienced in representing youth issues at European and international level. Each member is committed to the PoR for a period of two years and, during this time, acts as a vital link between EEE-YFU and international youth structures. The participants have a wide range of experiences and areas of interest, which will allow for EEE-YFU to co-ordinate its representation efforts better and get in touch with more volunteers.

The events that members attend are very diverse; examples of events where members of the PoR were present during 2013 include:


The events that members attend are very diverse; examples of events where members of the PoR were present during 2012 include:

  • Working Group on the Recognition of Non-Formal Education, Brussels
  • Euro-Arab and Mediterranean Youth Leaders Meeting, Italy
  • Youth Assembly 2012, Strasbourg, France
  • Council of Members of the European Youth Forum, Antwerp
  • European Civil Society Platform for Multilingualism, Brussels
  • Symposium “Arab spring: Youth participation for the promotion of peace, human rights and fundamental freedoms", Tunis
  • European Parliament Roundtable on Social Inclusion, Brussels
  • European Education and Training Forum, Brussels

Current PoR members

  • Hanna Felicitas Pabst (YFU Germany)
  • Bianca Brünig (YFU Germany)
  • Cristiana Emanuela Panait (YFU Romania)
  • Radu Noslacan (YFU Romania)
  • Andreas Steffen (YFU Germany)
  • Anne Wedekind (YFU Germany)
  • Duygu Iyem (YFU Turkey)
  • Elif Akyol (YFU Turkey)
  • Hartmut Weissmann (YFU Germany)
  • Ida Hjorth Bøgestrand (YFU Denmark)
  • Ivan Vasilev (YFU Germany)
  • Rikke Fredberg (YFU Denmark)
  • Janne Lindström (YFU Finland)
  • Joachim Wiewiura (YFU Denmark)
  • Julian Reese (YFU Germany)
  • Sascha Vogel (YFU Germany)
  • Svend Elberg Thomsen (YFU Denmark)
  • Yoeni Kuyper (YFU the Netherlands)
  • Veronika Kissiova (YFU Czech Republic)
  • Tom Burrman (YFU Sweden)
  • Dainis Kreilis (YFU Estonia)
  • Daniel Thilen (YFU Sweden)
  • Carina Duerrschmied (YFU Germany)
  • René-Louis Davis (YFU France)

 Council of Europe



Council of Europe has a large and very active youth section, which promotes things like international cooperation, cultural diversity and participation of young people; and which aims to strengthen civil society through supporting youth work. It has a unique co-management system, which allows international youth organisations to be part of the decision-making process. Through one of the Pool of Representatives members, EEE-YFU is represented in the Advisory Council on Youth on a three-year mandate, allowing EEE-YFU to contribute to developing youth policy at European level. 

European Youth Foundation

One of the most important parts of Council of Europe's youth section is the European Youth Foundation (EYF). This foundation, with an annual budget of approximately three million Euros, was established in 1972 in order to support European youth activities financially. Together with the EU's Youth in Action programme, the EYF is the most important source of income for EEE-YFU's activities.

EEE-YFU is looking forward to 2013 and hopes that there will be more successful representations for the network in the future. For more information please contact Valentina at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

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